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My Grass is getting weeds!!

I have had several people contact me this week all with the same concern. "My Grass Is Getting Weeds!!"

Every year in late May to early June we get a lot of people with this same concern. Kentucky Bluegrass by nature will produce a seed head during this time. Sometimes it will look like a weed. It is not, it is just natures way of reproducing the plant.

If the grass is new and/or thinner the plant will produce more seeds, trying to produce a thicker stand. As the grass gets older, thicker or more filled in it will natural reduce the amount of seeds it produces. This is a sign of a healthy plant.

Kentucky Bluegrass will also spread with rhizomes. Rhizomes are roots that spread the grass plant laterally underground. This grass is excellent for repairing itself.

The Solution

The best thing to do is wait until the seed has been produced and it will go away. It may take about 2 to 4 weeks to complete its cycle.

If it gets too leafy and ugly mow it a little more often to keep the seed production down.


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